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The sport 
of School Academy

Helping student-athletes

win in the classroom


The sport of school

As a parent, coach, or educator, you've probably noticed that many student-athletes are driven on the field, but struggle academically. 

The Sport of School Academy offers proven solutions: Take what you know about athletic performance and apply it to the classroom. 

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meet the team

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Christian Buck, M.A.
Head Coach

After spending over a decade on Wall Street, "Coach Buck" founded The Sport of School Academy in 2010. Since then, he has helped hundreds of student-athletes raise their performance in school and on the field. 

Megan Cannon
Assistant coach

Megan Cannon has 11 years experience as a school counselor supporting middle and high school students with their social, emotional, academic, and post-secondary needs. Coach Cannon was a Division I soccer player and has spent numerous years in the sports & academic industries.

OUR CLIENTS' colleges
& Universities

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Individual student-Athletes

One-on-one coaching to help student-athletes improve academically and athletically. Solutions are based on the individual's needs as well as learning how to apply the Sport of School philosophy. Individuals will also receive guidance on the recruiting process and how to improve performance on the field. 


Teams and groups

Talking to student-athletes in their own athletic setting makes it easy for them transfer the mindset they use to improve on the field to the classroom. We provide client-focused solutions to your team they work as hard in school as they do in sports. 

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The mini Sport of Academy! We offer half-day workshops to high school programs and student-athletes of all sports. We will provide your athletes and their parents with a basic concepts of The Sport of School. Then, with your help, you can work as a team to apply those concepts at home.

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“Coach Buck helped me figure out how to go all in when it came to my grades. I wouldn't be where I am today without his help and The Sport of School.”

Ryder garnsey

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